Monday, February 15, 2016


Two days of rest. As complete as we could make them. We had breakfast out yesterday, but stayed home the rest of the day. Saturday, I went for a few groceries, but otherwise stayed home. And apart from chasing Charlie around to prevent him from tracking mud all over the house last night (complete fail, by the way), I spent most of the weekend in a recliner or on the couch. Lee took a few naps.

Do we feel better? Yes. Are we fully well? Not quite - but on the mend, definitely. And my cold didn't turn into an infection of any sort. So far, anyway. I'm still a bit congested; my ears are stuffed up and my sinuses nasty. But nothing is green at the moment.

158.2 - my weight has been all over the map the past 2 weeks. So I'm good with that. I ate enough carbs with a gluten-free pizza Friday night to stop the leg cramps, and I had a few corn tortillas in the course of breakfast yesterday, along with a lot of cashews and cough drops (nasty things, those!), which has kept them from coming back.

I got decent sleep for the first time in about 2 weeks last night - without Benadryl. I've had to take a full dose a couple of times just to get to sleep at all, and even that was starting to fail. 

No exercise, obviously. Saving that for when I'm over this mess completely.

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