Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am over this cold. I have not yet recovered from it. I'm extremely tired right now. Getting decent sleep, but not enough - whether not enough quantity, or not enough quality, I'm not sure, and maybe it doesn't matter. I just know I'm tired.

It will pass. Lee's much worse, because he had it 2 weeks longer and harder than I did. I guess I should be grateful that I made it through quickly and relatively lightly, and if I felt more energetic, maybe I would be. Not so much right now.

158.0 this morning; here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • an apple
  • 2 pieces of cheddar
  • a few walnuts
  • 3 Taco Bell tacos supreme
  • about 10 salted dark chocolate almonds
  • lemon gelatin water
I think that was it. The tacos were so tasty - unimaginably good, last night. Not something I'd do frequently, but in our somewhat trashed state, they hit every spot we could think of. Nice, really, because we were neither of us interested in eating much else.

Sleep was okay last night - a goodish amount of deep sleep, which is what I think I need for healing. And without Benadryl, even better. No exercise, obviously.

I'm still taking Mucinex, but have stopped the Sudafed again. I am mostly done with coughing, but want to keep things flowing until it's all gone.

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