Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Oh, right. All this weight's an April Fool's joke, or something.

I wish. 161.0 this morning; here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • fish oil, turmeric, mag citrate, and vitamin D
  • a piece of cheddar cheese
  • 3 string cheese
  • about 1/2 pound of strawberries
  • juice of half a lemon (citron presse chaud)
  • about 10 macadamia nuts
  • Chipotle barbacoa bowl, no rice/beans, with salsa, cheese, sour cream, and guac
  • 2 almond flour shortbread cookies
  • Peppermint tea with gelatin
Better than Tuesday, for sure. And I guess a pound down is an improvement. I was surfing to see if Dana Carpender's Fat Fast instructions were online or only in her book (I have it on Kindle, but my phone screen is a bit small for extensive reading), and stumbled on something interesting in her blog - about the gelatin. Apparently taking it at bedtime helps her to sleep, and she is insomniac much worse (from her description) than I've been experiencing. It also sounded like it might be useful as a diuretic and weight-loss promoter. So I tried it last night - made a cup of peppermint tea and dissolved an envelope of Knox in it. Drank it down. I also took a melatonin, and the two together made me sleepy enough to fall asleep quickly, but I had a bad night overall. Probably a side-effect of it having been 80 degrees yesterday and our not having powered up the swamp cooler yet, but I spent the entire night adjusting the covers - it was bad. Got up at 12:50 to pee and had to go again at 5:00, which probably accounts for the pound lost. I don't feel too awful this morning, and I took another envelope of Knox in an early morning citron presse. It has no taste, but it does have an odor - mild, but a bit off-putting. Not so much that I won't repeat it daily for a while, see what it might offer. Supposedly it's great for skin and nails and joint aches - and I'm in favor of those things, even if it's no help with the sleep.

Got another walk in last night, by virtue of walking to Chipotle for dinner and back. I'll do something similar tonight - maybe I'll have a salad at Panera - or something, since that doesn't sound all that appealing. At least the option's available.

In the same discussion with the gelatin, I learned that pork rinds are full of it (probably as collagen), so on the way back from dinner, I bought a bag, and brought them to work with some sour cream dip I made up. Also some string cheese. Am I on the way back to zero carb? I honestly don't know. I'd love to get back into that groove, if I can achieve some weight loss thereby. Just don't know if my body will allow anything to work just now.

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