Monday, April 13, 2015


The end of last week was, well, meh. I ate well enough on Wednesday, but Thursday was a crap-fest, topped off with hard cider and flour and potatoes (Shepherd's pie at a restaurant). Friday was wrapped up at White Fence Farm (for me, that means kidney bean salad, corn fritters, potatoes, stuffing and gravy).  Yesterday and Saturday were a lot of work - we emptied both attics and went through most of the stuff, sent 3 carloads to Goodwill, and ate only okay. Potato chips both days, ice cream last night.

160.2 this morning, down from Saturday and up from yesterday. Not good. My blue wool pants are getting snug across the butt. This isn't muscle.

Fasting so far today - it may or may not last until lunchtime. Solely because the dogs couldn't eat until after I left for work, taking one of them to drop at the vet (he was the one who couldn't eat this morning).

Meatballs and spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. We are starting to focus on eating the frozen stuff in the garage freezer - to get it emptied out before the more-than-likely move. 

I think that stress is ebbing - I'm getting more reconciled to the move, and we are knocking off a lot of the work now so there will be less to do when it's just me. Isn't doing much for the 2-hour round trip daily commute or the fact that I'm in a job that's a bad fit. Interestingly enough, last week's meeting reinforced that for me and gave me concrete evidence of it in ways I hadn't thought about before. That might reduce stress itself, actually, because I have facts to deal with and can work with facts.

In any event, I slept like a log last night on aspirin, honey, and melatonin. Not so great the night before - woke up at midnight and was awake 3 hours before I decided to get the aspirin. Some days I'm a dumbass.

I've been supremely achy and stiff in my joints lately. Assuming menopause, but I don't know, truly. I mean to get back to the lemon water with gelatin each morning, since it's supposed to help with that - meant to this morning, but the day got away from me.

Next few months should be interesting. 

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