Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I noticed, just after completing yesterday's entry, that I've started having "keto-breath" - or the taste in my mouth that always seemed to signal it to me, in any event. No leg cramps yet, but very faint hints of fasciculation occasionally. I really do hope that the extended focus will help me this time. And I'm really trying to stay focused again.

Some highlights of my fast day yesterday:
  • I wasn't hungry when I woke up at all, or for several hours after. I had the usual tea with cream and gelatin, which may have served as a sort of "meal" first thing.
  • I did have 11 almonds after I got to work.
  • mild hunger at 11 am - went away
  • less-mild hunger between 1-2 pm, seeming to be a bit persistent
  • Pretty hungry by dinner time, though
159.6 again this morning though, and I know why. Chips and salsa. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon water with gelatin
  • the usual supplements
  • 11 almonds
  • chips and salsa and guac
  • chicken fajitas (very salty), no tortillas, with pico and some sour cream and guac
  • 1 Dove dark chocolate heart
  • tea with cream again
That was it. Lee wanted Mexican and I did try - the fajitas were not my first choice (enchiladas every time). Anyway, apart from that, it was a pretty good fast, since we only had cheese for dinner Sunday night, so the cheese and almonds were my only solid food in something over 24 hours. I think there will be some good out of that. Autophagy if nothing else.
Ketones remain at Small each night, and I've so far seemed to shed my cravings for snacking or sweets. And I slept pretty well again last night - only waking for real around 5 when my left hip started hurting (2 days in a car were not kind to my IT bands, I think). I thought at first I was due for leg cramps, but they didn't materialize. I've moved my potassium and magnesium supplements to bedtime, so maybe they're helping.
I'm using an elemental silver nasal spray to try to knock out the sinus infection I've had for quite a while now. It seems to help reduce the overall volume, but hasn't completely killed it off yet. Another day or so before I move to something else.k

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