Monday, April 6, 2015


Very quiet weekend. Very. I didn't garden, I didn't walk, I did a little bit of shopping, but that was pretty much it. Watched movies a bit, read, cleaned carpets. Ate - some. Apparently well. 158.2 this morning, with a steady trend downward all weekend. Nice change.

Here's yesterday as best I recall it:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon-water with gelatin
  • cheese
  • 4 dark-chocolate caramels with sea salt (it WAS Easter, the second biggest candy-eating holiday)
  • 2 (I think) almond-flour shortbread cookies
  • veg and dip
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • ham
  • asparagus
  • ambrosia salad (fruit, marshmallows, whipped cream)
  • boiled new potatoes with butter
  • ice-cream and rice krispies dessert with peanuts and chocolate
  • 1 tsp honey
I think that was it. Cheese, chocolate, 2 cookies, and dinner. Not tremendously hungry, either - but low-side Trace ketones at bedtime, so not eating all that high-fat.

I've restarted honey at bedtime, after watching a podcast about sleep that brought it up again. 1 tsp honey and a melatonin, and 2 nights' sleep - so far. It could just be cyclical, since this has been pretty darn cyclical - but I'm certainly willing for it to be real. I was super sleepy last night, around 7:30 - don't know if it was getting sunset light as I drove home from dinner or the wine or what. Went to bed around 8 and was probably asleep before 9. Woke up for the first time for real at 5. That's 8 hours! Lots of vivid dreams that I don't remember anything about other than that they occurred. And I have a recollection of being alert enough to think that I was having a headache - which I did have, once I woke up. Still, 8 hours of actual sleep is huge for me.

No idea what today brings. I'm keeping up with the gelatin in hopes that it helps with bodyaches - I'm not exercising enough to be achy from that, but I'm really sore around the joints all over. Another lovely symptom brought to you by Menopause (tm). I'm not surprised that once women break through all of the fun associated with this crap that they "are" old - it wears on you. Anyway, I have string cheese with me, have had gelatin this morning with my lemon water (seems like the easiest way to have it), and have no plans whatsoever for dinner. Maybe another stroll to Chipotle and back. And a stop to buy more lemons.

Lee should be home some time tomorrow. Thank heavens. Except we turn around immediately and have to go downtown to my stupid leadership "meeting" for work - a meeting which includes mandatory "fun" activities. And about the time that is over, we may be finding out if we're moving or not. The gelatin is also supposed to be helpful for stress. I certainly hope so.

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