Monday, April 27, 2015


Let's see.

Friday, I was successful in my eating plan. Breakfast, a piece of cheese, dinner, bed. Dinner was a little over the top, because it was Lee's birthday, so we had Prosecco and split a creme brulee. 

Saturday morning, 159.6. Not unexpected. And I didn't sleep well - also not unexpected, after the alcohol (which nearly knocked me on my butt based on a single glass).

Over the weekend, we drove somewhere between 1600 and 1800 miles to Davenport IA and back. Towing a trailer on the way out, none on the way back. Quite the little adventure. Saturday, had breakfast, and variations on meat and cheese - and a small quantity of salted roasted almonds. Wrapped up in Davenport with a chicken Caesar salad, no croutons. Also had part of a Hershey's bar with almonds and some potato chips.

Sunday, similar. Breakfast (omelet with ham, cheese, tomatoes, and a little butter), lunch (McDonald's bunless - ended up with 3 patties of beef and cheese owing to an order error), potato chips, and M&Ms this time, with cheese later on. No dinner - we weren't hungry.

159.0 this morning, so I'd say we did okay. And solidly Small ketones last night.

Fasting breakfast this morning because we were out of eggs, but I had my lemon-gelatin water and am eating my small handful of almonds. Turns out there are 10-11 almonds in a small handful. Hoping to make it to dinner time on that alone; we shall see.

Slept like a pile of rocks last night - one brief waking, checked the time, passed back out and woke at 5:27 am. More, please! The night before was okay but fueled by Advil PM for all of us, since we all knew we had a long day ahead. 

Short work week ahead - I'm flying to the east coast to visit the kid in situ, as they say. Short week next week, too - I'm using Friday and Monday to do the actual flying, and have Saturday and Sunday completely with her. I think we're going to do history tourism - Gettysburg, for sure, anyway. Should be fun!

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