Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Standing Desk and Hunger

Truly, I have not been keeping track of this, and I rather wish I had.  Nonetheless, today is the second day in a row that I've found myself genuinely hungry while at work.  Yesterday, I had brought some cheese with me, and I ate it, one piece at a time, within a 2 hour window around lunchtime.  It only helped a little; I was hungry all the way home.  Today, I was starved at lunchtime, despite a hearty breakfast of eggs and 4 pieces of bacon.  I know to eat in this state, so I had a naked double Quarter Pounder with cheese.  This is real hunger, with growling stomach and all, absent all the nasty low-blood-sugar stuff I used to get when hungry.

Interesting.  I am standing more this week than last - helped a great deal by my purchase yesterday of an inexpensive coffee table from IKEA that fits nicely beneath the shelf I'd put my monitors on.  It wouldn't work for everyone, but because I'm nearly 6' tall, it works for me - and gives me something to write on and lean on and put my teacup on - so I'm using it more than I did my stacks-o-books arrangement.  That may also be why my legs were so achy at 4:00 this morning - that, or my usual "day 2" stiffness from the 5K on Sunday.

Thought I'd record it - an interesting anecdotal bit of data.

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