Monday, September 23, 2013


I was fighting carb cravings all day yesterday - not for sweets, specifically, but for cookies and crackers.  I wanted something crunchy and starchy, I guess.  Did not eat that, but ate nearly everything else in the house.  153.0 this morning, and feeling a big squiffy across the abdomen.

Hormones?  I guess.  Don't know what else it might be.  And they have certainly been raging through my system lately.  Lots of intense hot flashes this weekend, and sleep was a complete bust until I took an Advil PM last night.  Ugh.

Elizabeth and I did a 5K yesterday - slow pace, something around 17 minute miles on average.  I'm hardly stiff - just a little bit of pain in my shins - but it was good to get outside and moving.  We are going to try to do more of these over the fall, as our schedules match up with any races.

Yesterday's eating included:
  • cheese
  • cashews
  • dried cherries
  • tacos from Fuzzy's - with the corn tortillas
  • low-carb-crust pizza (the recipe from Fat Head is the bomb!)
  • cornichon pickles
There was more, but I don't remember all of it - which is a problem, if you ask me.  I was just snacky all day.  Not good.  The cashews and cherries were not portioned out, so I ate a lot of both.  Felt bloated and uncomfortable at bedtime.  

So, starting over today.  I brought cheese with me, to help fend off any urges to eat from the machines downstairs.  I hope it works.  Having slept should help; I'm sure some of this urge to eat stems from a lack of energy from a night of hot flashes.

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