Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Oh, how I have missed my bed. With the assistance of a Benadryl, I slept from 10 to about 6:30. Woke once, somewhere around 4, I think. I feel rested, but not fabulous, due to aches and pains from the work yesterday.

Another day of beating the FuelBand. I don't recall how many points I amassed, but it was a lot. Still not a lot of steps counted - for whatever reason, it counts on the low side. I unpacked a bunch of boxes of books - that's on the plan for today as well - and ran up and down stairs a huge amount. Tho' not nearly as much as the movers, who were awesome.

Yesterday was fairly burger-and-fries centric. I don't know if today will be as well; it would be lovely if we could get to the point of being able to cook today. I think it looked like this:
  • tea (slept at a hotel that didn't use real cream)
  • scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa
  • cream cheese
  • quarter pounder with cheese, no bun
  • fries
  • double cheeseburger, no bun (big patties; I don't know how much meat it was)
  • fries with ketchup
I think that was it. Which might explain why I'm suddenly hungry this morning. The aches and pains explain the 159.0 reading on the scale.

More of the same today. 

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