Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Short and sweet. Okay weekend - didn't exercise as much as I should have, but was somewhat exhausted on Sunday for no particular reason. Had a massage. Ate fairly badly - popcorn, Mexican food... 157.8 this morning; I was 155.6 yesterday, so I tend to think it's water from sprint sessions yesterday. My piriformis muscle on my right side is unhappy from them, and I'm a bit stiff overall. Yesterday's eating was 2 salads and breakfast (all bacon) and cheese, chocolates, and cashews - pretty good right up to the end, actually. I was hungry after dinner so I had cheese and cashews and the latter got away from me, as they always do. Pot roast for dinner tonight, and no exercise, as we are going to see the end of the movie we were at on Sunday (theatre filled with smoke so we missed the last 15 minutes). I will try to avoid the popcorn, however.

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