Thursday, April 10, 2014


Where to start? Not all that much going on, really. At which point, I paused to think, and sat very still for about 5 minutes with a completely empty brain. Tired? Yeah. At one point last night, I rolled over, and in lifting up the covers, realized that the sheet felt like it had just been ironed - very very warm. From laying on my hip. I kept the pillow-speaker playing old radio all night, and spent the hours from midnight until 4 am half-waking, rolling over, finding the speaker, listening to 3-4 minutes' worth, and falling back to sleep. Also working carefully around the edges of leg cramps - I didn't quite have to leap from bed, but it was close. Oddly enough, I think that last might be a good sign.

155.4 this morning - more oscillation, I'd guess. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • red bull total zero
  • salami (12 pieces - I counted)
  • macadamia nuts
  • cheese
  • pulled pork and cole slaw, with BBQ sauce on
  • cashews
  • a row of TJ's 73% chocolate bar
Which looks pretty good, except for the cashews. I really need to stop grabbing the jar, because I overeat them when I do. Trace ketosis at bedtime - I'd tend to blame the BBQ sauce and slaw dressing as being too sweet. Nonetheless, a pretty low carb day, if not as high fat as I might wish.

Breakfast today was 2 pieces of cheese and an extra dollop of cream. I have a salad ordered for a working lunch, with blue cheese dressing, I hope. And no idea what to have for dinner, although probably steaks.

No exercise yesterday, unless you count moving my work desk around a bit, and thrashing all night. At first, I thought I felt more rested today than yesterday, but now that I'm at the office, not so much. I'm kind of staring into space at the least lack of stimulus. Probably going to be a long day; guess I need to get out and walk a bit some time this morning, maybe.

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