Wednesday, July 29, 2015


No words. Too tired. 156.0. Chinese for dinner. Salad for lunch.

Sleep destroyed by dog's illness; fighting past 10 pm to get her out of hypoglycemia that has just popped up. The possibility exists that I am NOT leaving town this weekend, but will have to stay with her to keep the testing and medicating routine strict. If she's stable tonight and tomorrow, we're probably okay, and I think she will be - we were at the end of her bottle of insulin and it tends to get stronger toward the bottom. 

I got to sleep after midnight. I hurt all over. What sleep I got is courtesy of a Benadryl taken after 10 pm, so I figure I have a couple of hours of medicine-head left this morning.

Oh, and I have to work late. Life is sucking pretty damn hard right now.

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