Monday, July 20, 2015


Huh. After what I would term a not-so-great weekend for eating, I weigh the same as Friday: 156.4. I'll take it. 

"Not so great" included things like movie popcorn and about 7 dark chocolate peanut butter cups from TJs, all in one sitting (the Minions movie). Followed (after dinner) by chocolate almonds, cashews, and potato chips, in a cup together. Maybe I should just say that yesterday wasn't so great for eating. Whatever. I don't think I'll go into details.

We bought a near-silent fan on Friday, and it has helped a lot with sleep. We go to bed cool and wake up cold. Which is good, I think. Far better than waking up in a muck sweat multiple times. Not that it's been terribly effective overall - the sleep, that is. I took a short nap yesterday around 6 pm, and was struggling all evening to stay awake. I think we were full out unconscious by 9.

In 2 weeks, I will be doing this in Texas, although likely in a hotel room, at least 2 weeks from today. Depends on whether we can get the Comcast transfer to work in advance, and if we can get the cable internet stuff rigged up on Sunday night. So we have our work cut out for us, I would say. 

All in all, I guess this period hasn't been quite as bad as I'd anticipated. But I sure will be glad to get back to my own bed in a house where I control what goes in the food. Where the chairs fit me, and there's room to spread out a bit. That will be nice.

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