Monday, July 27, 2015


As promised, I have not weighed myself since Friday. I had 2 nights of decent sleep since then, and one that certainly qualified as its very own circle of hell. That would be last night.

It never cooled down last night. Probably partly our fault; we spent the morning bringing our possessions up from the basement and putting them in the (already darn warm) garage, and let warm air into the house in the process. When we went to bed, the temperature on the main floor was still 83, and I don't think our room, with the A/C thingie running full blast, was much cooler. Got to sleep around 9:30, though. And woke at 1:18. With a grinding tension headache and the sheets soaked in sweat. Since Lee was awake at that point, too, I put the A/C back on for a while, which did not help the headache. A while later, I got a wet washcloth and spent about an hour letting it lay on various bits of me where the major blood vessels are close to the skin. It worked, but by the time it worked, it was after 4. Woke again at 5:30 because the alarm wasn't going off - as a radio - and got up an hour later. I guess that adds up to about 6 hours of sleep, give or take, but I feel like crap this morning.

Eating over the weekend was uneven; for "dinner" on Saturday, I had a plate of 7-layer bean dip with chips, for example. Yesterday was breakfast (omelet and hash browns), cheese/nuts, and BBQ for dinner. Generally pretty real-food, healthy stuff, but not wholly paleo. I am considering reintroducing (dried seed) beans occasionally once we get settled, since the "fiber is actually a good thing" message seems to have reasserted itself, and they have both kinds, I believe. But I will probably soak and prepare them from dried myself (review the WAP instructions) so I know what's in them.

I will probably go with Benadryl again tonight; it has been successful in overcoming the heat issues so far, and sheer willpower is simply not cutting it.

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