Friday, July 31, 2015


Benadryl. It just works. Fell asleep before 10 pm, woke up well after 4. I will take it.

Last night in the hot room with the too-small bed that we have been most grateful to have; I can't imagine what we would have done without my folks being able to host us for the past month. Not that gratitude improved the sleep, unfortunately. But we both went with "better living through chemicals" last night and are both feeling pretty human this morning.

Mostly all packed. It "just" needs loading into a trailer, and I won't be participating in that, because I have work. 

Ate Skittles yesterday afternoon. Had hypoglycemia at dinner. I really need to stop doing that. Starting Monday, after we get at least a working bed in the house, I will be getting back to proper eating patterns. Dinner last night - sweet wine and a salad with chicken and cheese and commercial honey mustard dressing - did not help the hypoglycemia much. It will be nice to have control over the commissariat again as well.

156.0 again this morning. We have not snacked much this summer, and that has helped a lot. But I am hopeful that getting settled will reduce stress for a while at least, and maybe allow me to drop a few from there. 

Anyway, road trip this weekend. And then, home. At last.

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