Monday, July 6, 2015


Spent the last 4 days in Houston, not eating much, really, but not great stuff. Everyone insisted that we try Tex-Mex, or drink at odd hours. I had a couple of glasses of Prosecco at 11 yesterday morning, for instance. Nice, but not Paleo at all. Anyway, 159.2 this morning, swollen feet, probably the usual drill.

I didn't eat breakfast today, for convenience, pretty much. When it's just me in a house I'm used to living in, I tend not to have time or inclination to cook in the morning. When it's just me in my parents' house, well, forget it. Everything I do takes too many steps, because they've put things in places that don't work with how I function.

Anyway, got a fair amount of exercise, looking at houses (found one, too), and kept falling asleep in the car in the afternoons - I may have hit my sleep debt limit or something. Got home at 11 last night and slept pretty well, but obviously not for long enough. I feel fairly alert this morning, though. So I'll survive. Back to the regular routine for a few weeks, then will have to figure out the logistics in an entirely new place. Maybe around Christmas the stress will be down a bit. Maybe.

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