Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I stepped on the scale twice. Put my glasses on. It didn't seem right. But it said 156.8 this morning. I knew that I was carrying water yesterday, and granted, I ate almonds and dinner, and that was it, but I didn't think it was 3-1/2 pounds of water.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon jello water
  • almonds (probably 40-50)
  • a handful of roasted cashews
  • a glass of red wine
  • chicken with some sort of sauce on it (italian - it included a little flour)
  • peas
  • a small baked potato with butter
  • salad with commercial ranch dressing
  • 5 chocolate almonds
  • vanilla ice cream
Considering that the day really was "almonds and dinner", barring the cashews, that's a long list. In any event, it got rid of the water.

Somewhat putrid sleep last night - woke up twice with horrible leg cramps. Makes sense - haven't been taking potassium or magnesium since before leaving for Houston. I got up and put magnesium oil on both calves at about 3 am, but was awake from then on. The dogs got me up well before 6, and I got to work over a half hour earlier than normal. I will probably be wobbly tonight again. It is what it is, and it should be calming down at the end of this month. I do hope so.

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