Thursday, July 30, 2015


I fell asleep easily enough last night - and well before 10 pm. Woke at 3:18 am, unfortunately. I guess 6 hours is better than the 5 from the night before - at least, I feel more alert today.

And somewhat less stressed. We have signed all our closing documents and wire-transferred our closing cash to the title company, so we have a new house, with a 15-year mortgage with payments only 2/3 of our previous one. I like that part. One more thing off my milestones to worry about for this move. Now, we just have to get there with our stuff, meet up with our other stuff, get the cable installed and the washer and dryer delivered, unpack, fly back here, drive the dogs down, and put my sister on the plane home. Practically nothing left to do.

Eating pretty normal yesterday - 2 ears of corn for dinner. I am not in control of the menu, and refuse to be a pain about not wanting to eat some things. 156.4 this morning and not too surprised.

One more night in the hot room with the small bed, and with all the other stuff falling properly into place, we should be back in our own bed on Monday night. Tuesday at the latest. I certainly hope so.

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