Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Benadryl is saving me right now. Just as hot last night; took one around 7:45, and was out cold by 9:30 and didn't so much as twitch until well after 4 - and then only for a second or so. Woke up for good around 5:20. Very much what I needed, and taking it earlier did the same thing again - let me wake up without the fuzzy-headed thing.

Eating ended up kind of weird yesterday - no breakfast, lots of almonds, lunch (Qdoba, so not awful), starvation-fueled Skittles purchase, burger/potato-salad/salad/beans dinner, ice cream with peaches. Everything but the Skittles was okay - and they were needed because after lunch I began feeling hypoglycemic of all things.

I did weigh myself today - I skipped the gelatin. 156.6. So I'm doing okay and would be doing better if we were not camping out and had our own food.

Not much longer. We have decided to leave Friday after dinner, in order to sleep in an air-conditioned motel room and to allow my parents to sleep with their door open and the A/C unit in a helpful location. I have to work that night, but can certainly do it from the road.

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