Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mon - err, Tuesday

Ah, the three-day weekend.  A nice one, got a lot of little things done.  Didn't think I ate much yesterday, but something wasn't right.  150.0 this morning, after 148.6 yesterday.  Here's the day:
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • cheese (5 pieces, throughout the day)
  • 2-1/2 hot dogs
  • potato chips (not an awful lot, but maybe enough) with mustard
  • a paleo brownie (made another batch - those things are really good!)
  • meat loaf
  • southern style green beans
  • ice cream (coconut-pineapple, this time)
  • a Ghirardelli dark chocolate square with caramel and sea salt
The beans were over-salty this time (some day, I'll get the proportions right - but not yesterday).  Maybe that caused some water retention.  I don't know.  Not going to worry about it.
I cooked yesterday.  Put up green beans, owing to a surprise donation from my former sister-in-law (8 meals' worth, all blanched and frozen).  Made tomato sauce from the garden's tomatoes - 6 cups, give or take.  Made meatballs to freeze, and as seen above, meat loaf and brownies.  It was fun - I think I finally sat down around 3:30, after starting about 8:00.  And now we have 4 meals of meatballs for those "Crap - what are we going to eat?" nights, which occur all too often (tonight might be one of them, but we could have leftover meatloaf, I think).
Less than 2 weeks until vacation (long weekend in San Diego).  Looking forward to it. 

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