Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yesterday was just a giant bowl of suckage; our dogs have been acting beyond strange of late, deciding the back yard is off limits to them, among other things, and they hit the apex of strange yesterday morning while I was in the shower, leading to a lot of stuff like carpet cleaning that normally doesn't happen before I go to work.  Since we didn't know - still don't - what was bugging them nor how to make it stop, it left me with a sense of frustration and general blues all day.  They spent the day at the vets, being looked over to make sure it wasn't an illness.  I spent the day at work, wishing I could go home, crawl into bed, and cry a bit.  Doesn't work that way, but I did what I could by going for Mexican at dinner and finishing the chips and also the rice.  Carbs are sometimes rather comforting.  And weight-inducing - I'm at 145.5 this morning.  So be it.

Here's yesterday's eating, as I can recall it:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • dark chocolate
  • hazel nuts
  • chips
  • salsa
  • cheese enchiladas with green chile
  • spanish rice
  • iced tea
  • more chocolate
I think that was it.  By the time we got home, things were getting less strange.  One possible cause of the dogs' sudden venture into psychosis was a chirping unplugged smoke detector that had been sitting in the garage - I noticed the chirping just about the time they started fearing our back yard, so maybe there was a correlation.  The device has gone off to the dump, and we've found a way to force them outside that doesn't involve too much running, and they seemed a bit less freaked out this morning.  It doesn't help that it was -3, either, but that's not something we can control, short of moving to Florida.

Pork Tenderloin tonight - possibly from a recipe in Paleo Comfort Foods (maybe without the nut butter sauce, though?).  And Brussels Sprouts, sauteed or something.

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