Monday, December 19, 2011


My four-day roadtrip is complete, and I am very tired.  Thursday we brought the contents of a two-bedroom apartment down from the second floor via stairs, and out through the complex into a trailer.  Friday we attended graduation ceremonies, and Saturday and Sunday, we drove.

I ate well on Thursday, I believe; eggs and bacon, tacos?, pork osso buco and a big salad, a bit of creme brulee.  Friday was similar, although I did have an order of fries for "lunch"; dinner was chopped steak with onions and mushrooms over mashed potatoes, and I ate most of it.  Saturday I managed a naked double quarter pounder with cheese at lunch and then had Mexican food for dinner (lotsa corn - and I could tell overnight; corn seems to be very inflammatory in my system).  Sunday was eggs and bacon for breakfast, and junk food throughout the day - chocolate blueberries, a few roasted hazel nuts, and fries for lunch (which were tasty).  We had chicken and salad for dinner, and all of us went to bed well before 9 pm. 

I'm at 146.6 today, much of it general inflammation.  My feet are swollen, and I ache pretty much everywhere.  I preferred to stay in bed an extra 15 minutes this morning, so I could say I'm fasting right now, but anticipate eating later - I have cheese with me.

One thing I did notice; despite hauling quite a few boxes down the stairs on Thursday, I wasn't in the least stiff on Friday morning; I actually felt pretty great.  I hope it all qualified as "lifting heavy things" and will be interested to see the effects on my upcoming "boot camp" program, starting in about 3 weeks.

Back to the routine (sorta - not like next Sunday isn't Christmas, and not like we don't have family arriving Wednesday).  Meatballs for dinner tonight, with either spaghetti sauce or stroganoff sauce.  And more salad, I think.

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