Monday, January 4, 2016


Wow. Let's see how the weekend went.

Thursday night we went to bed around 9 and went to sleep sometime well after midnight, surrounded by freaked-out dogs. Always delightful, fireworks.

Friday night, I went to bed and to sleep (to start with) before 8 pm, but spent from 11:30 to after 2 am up with horrible leg cramps. I finally got up and went out to the garage for a Gatorade, drank the whole thing, and that allowed me to sleep.

Saturday and Sunday nights, I got pretty good sleep, with nothing but melatonin. 

The weather mostly didn't permit a walk, until yesterday, when we got out, but to hit the mall. Epic fail there. We need to acquire a treadmill. Also to use it once acquired, obviously.

Wednesday night I had a really hard time finishing my shoulder exercises, and did nothing since then. I will resume tonight. The thinking is that I got my 3 sets in on Saturday/Monday/Wednesday for last week and am getting started on the right schedule today.

Eating - not so great. I was so annoyed by the utter failure of the fat fast that I pretty much reverted to SAD for the weekend. However, we ate meat and salad last night and have plans to repeat that process until my parents get here on Wednesday. After that, outlook is dim, at best, since we are going to New Orleans with eating as at least part of the point of the trip. I'll do my best to behave.

159.0 this morning. Full of water - all my joints ache, and my fingers are stiff. Full of other things too - rebound reaction from being ill a week ago? Not sure. I would like not to be full.

I did manage to hit my step goal on the Vivofit yesterday - a combination of a morning spent matting and framing things and an afternoon trip to the mall. Of course, that means that today's goal is higher than yesterday's. We will arrive at equilibrium eventually.

I restarted lemon gelatin water in the morning today - partly to start working through our lemon crop. We have a lot of lemons in the house. And a lot of lemon juice saved from making limoncello (which is starting to look possible - the vodka is brilliantly yellow and the zest is starting to look somewhat washed out).

All right, then. Here's to a good week!

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