Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The cold continues apace. Coughed so much yesterday that I ache in all my interstitial ribcage muscles, my diaphram, and my pecs. I hope today is better, because another day like yesterday and I'm afraid I'll pull something or break a rib.

157.4 today. No rhyme nor reason for it. It appears at the moment that I have no control whatsoever of my weight. Because we ate Mexican for dinner last night, and while it wasn't the chips-fest that our last outing was, I had chips, and enchiladas on top of them. Sigh. Veg and dip and cheese at lunchtime, eggs with ham and cheese at breakfast. Oh, and ice cream.

No exercise, sleep was probably better than the night before, but only because I took myself off to the guest room and took a Benadryl. I know I woke up coughing once, and with a sore hip one other time - and then coughed a bit. 

I do so hate being sick.

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