Friday, January 8, 2016


The "raveled sleave of care" is knit back up. One Benadryl last night, and I had a 2-hour stint where, according to Vivofit, I pretty much didn't move. So needed. I'm much less likely to kill people and break things today. And I've been up since 5. So there.

158.8 again today. I ate sugar at work (more of the blasted Cashew Crunch), and at home (several truffles). Also an apple, which is what I brought with me. And potato chips and cashews, that I bought because the apple wasn't enough. So not a great day for eating.

I have cheese and another apple with me today; have had tea with cream so far (and one of the pieces of cheese). Probably nothing good for dinner; flying to NOLA directly from work (plus-or-minus commute time). Possibly nothing at all for dinner, which is why I made sure to have cheese. I'm not in condition to fast extensively right now.

No significant walking yesterday. But up from the day before, which is something, I guess. Since I got up early today, I did my shoulder exercises this morning. I have a knot under my left angel wing, and the exercises didn't kill it, but they seem to have calmed it down a bit.

My plan for the weekend is to attempt to stay sane. I do hope I can manage it.

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