Thursday, January 7, 2016


Well, I weigh less today. 158.8.  Managed not to eat candy while at work. Tried harder to walk in response to the red bar of doom on my Vivofit, and that sort of helped. My step count went up from the day before, anyway.

I seem to be operating on the minimum possible brainpower right now. Autonomic nervous system functions and the ability to drive a car may be all I'm capable of. I guess I hope that more will surface after this weekend, but I guess I won't be super surprised if it doesn't.

Sleep was utter shit last night - our phone was out, and the alarm system beeped approximately 2800 times while I was supposed to be asleep. I dreamt about it. I managed to fall asleep with it going, but every time I surfaced even a little bit, I heard it again. Finally, at 5, I just got up and mucked with the cable modem (again) to see if it would stop, but it turned out to be the cable company's issue, and nothing I could fix. I think it finally subsided around 6:30. 

The sleep tracker indicates that I slept a total of less than 7 hours, with just over 3 in deep sleep. That feels about right. Well, wrong, but accurate. Benadryl tonight, I think, possibly 2 of them, taken around 8:30.

Didn't do my shoulder or back stuff last night, either. Because of needing to pack and to talk with my folks, who got here yesterday to go to Lee's luncheon - I'm on my own - even dog-free - until I get to New Orleans on Friday night. 

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