Monday, January 18, 2016


I spent the weekend with a vicious cold. Saturday, I went to bed around 5:30, I think. Felt a lot better yesterday, and got a good night's sleep last night, so I'm not as exhausted today as I was either day of the weekend.

159.0 this morning; probably water. In my head. I was at 157.8 yesterday morning.

I am so very grateful, though, to have had this happen when it did. One week later, and I'd be doing the "having a cold" thing in other people's guest rooms and at a hotel, and trying to make it through Mardi Gras in a weakened condition. As it is, it hit big on a Saturday, when I was able to stay lying down most of the day, and two days complete rest have left me feeling pretty functional, even if stuffed up and a bit hoarse.

Obviously, even though the weather was pretty decent, I did no walking at all over the weekend. Such is life. I did get a 2-hour massage on Saturday, which was challenging, to say the least. I went through a lot of Kleenex.

Sudafed and Mucinex are my constant companions until this clears up for good, though - I DO NOT want it to hit my chest.

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