Tuesday, November 24, 2015


159.4 this morning. Or 160.2. Depending on how I stood on the scale. Sigh. I don't much like the fact that it does that - I like facts, period.

Oh well. I think I got rid of some of the water from the weekend. That's the takeaway. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • eggs scrambled with ham and cheese
  • almonds
  • about 1/2 pound pulled pork with BBQ sauce
  • cole slaw - probably a cup of it
  • cheese
  • a Hershey's Nugget
I feel like there was something else, but cannot think of it. Spent much of the evening cooking - after we got back from dinner, anyway. Made cornbread to be used for stuffing. And I wasn't hungry when we got back, so I know at one point I made the conscious choice not to eat.

I am trying to get back under control. With some success. It helps not to go out to dinner, but going to the BBQ joint isn't too bad.

Sleep last night was good. Until 4:20, when I woke up wondering why the heater had kicked in. Got up, turned it down, and spent the next hour and some trying to figure out what was making it do that. Once I was up, I got an answer. Our thermostat believes that we want it to be AT the temperature at whatever time we have programmed in for the change. So it starts early. Now that I know that, I will program it to get to full temperature about an hour later.

No idea what's on the program for today - work, obviously. After that? Possibly some prep cooking for Thanksgiving - I could make cranberry sauce, for example. Dice celery and onions for stuffing. Pies tomorrow, and yes, that's plural. GF Flour crust; it just needs to be pie. I may also try making some eggnog custards, just to eat. Breakfast Thursday before the race, maybe. And I promised Lee and Elizabeth some more of the Paleo Apple Pie cookies, so that tonight.

I think we are going to the beach tomorrow for a while. Not sure what else. Sun and fresh air are always good.

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