Monday, November 16, 2015


Well, bother.

On Saturday night, I got a yen for the chips and dip we'd made last weekend, and there was some of it left, so I - sadly - cleaned out the bag of chip fragments while eating the dip. Lots of salt. I think I was 157.6ish on Saturday morning, maybe less. Sunday morning, 160.2. This  morning, 159.6.

I have a problem. Lee's pretty much abandoned Paleo eating; the only thing he isn't doing is buying bread or doing all his cooking from boxes. But he eats bread at restaurants, he buys chips and eats them, and the house is full of chocolates.

Obviously, I can just not eat this shit. And mostly, I don't. But it makes it harder, because I do have a habit of eating while bored, and the easiest thing to snack on is right there looking me in the eye.

Anyway, I didn't eat well this weekend. Beyond the chips on Saturday, I ate a lot of Hershey's Nuggets. Two at a time, several times through the day. Not good.

I think my only hope for survival at this point is to redefine chips and milk chocolate (any chocolate items that aren't Lindt 85%) as "Not Food". And stick to it. We had veggies (carrots and sugar snap peas) that I could have used with that dip. From now on, if I need a snack, those need to be my go-to items. Note that I'm focusing on the health aspect of things here. Right now, I don't seem to have the razor focus on the subject needed to lose weight.

We are getting a new fridge on Wednesday, with a snack drawer - I guess that's what it is. It is separate from the fridge and freezer, and controlled separately. Meat, cheese, snack veg. Make it as easy as possible to eat right.

Sleep was a mixed bag. Saturday night we had Charlie on the bed - he wouldn't stop whining until we let him out of his crate - and I woke several times - for good at 3:18 am. While I was waiting for it to be morning, I was reading Facebook, and ran into a Dave Asprey post claiming that not needing a lot of sleep is maybe a sign of good health. I hope that's true. I was functional yesterday, but did fall asleep on the couch several times in the evening. And then slept last night straight through until about 4:30, which is much better - although, knowing that I fell asleep right around 10, I think that's only 6.5 hours of sleep. So maybe I'm just in good health?

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