Monday, June 1, 2015


Spent the weekend doing minor touch-up painting, caulking, and packing. Ate a lot in a snacky sort of way. Friday tripped off a giant bolus of stress because the house inspection took over 3 hours and I was supposed to stay away the entire time, which coincided with time to feed the dogs and a chunk of my workday (which was conducted from Starbucks). And we were quite sure it would result in some sort of sale-blocking repairs being requested, and after being put out that long, also quite sure that we were going to say "No" to all of them.

159.6 this morning, but yesterday was 157.8, so no idea what's truth.

Stress continues apace. First, the inspection produced nothing significant for us to do, so the sale is a "go" from that standpoint. However, we're now in the throes of cruise stuff, and no sooner did Lee announce (yesterday) that he was planning to drive my car to Florida and back than it popped a "Check engine" light (this morning). We've just spent the last hour arranging for diagnostics for it and a rental car for him so he can get various things done while it sits at the shop all day (and we hope that's all that's needed). Guarantee it's something to do with emissions. Big walloping so what. But one must check.

In the meantime, my sister's husband spent most of the weekend in the hospital with a staph infection in his knee, and this morning, Mom broke a tooth.

"Damn Cruise" indeed. Not sure we should be getting on the ship, honestly. This seems like a lot of messages saying "don't go".

On the move front, I think we are now moving to Houston instead of anywhere on the east coast. No, seriously. I can't say that it will still be Houston when we get home from the "Damn Cruise" (assuming the ship doesn't go down with all hands). But at the moment, that's what we've settled on. Better houses for the money, possible job for Lee, lots of jobs I could do, and closer to here should we need to make a mad dash back for some family emergency. Also close to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras stuff. So, on a practical level, quite the best decision. And I'm cool with it - weirdly, I don't seem to care much where we go at this point. Which is so not me. All I do care is that we pick somewhere and stick with it long enough to actually get through moving there, so I can plan.

Slept like a log last night, for about 7-1/2-8 hours. Starting shortly after 8 pm. The dog wanted out at 11:30ish and I let her out, but I may not have actually awakened in the process. I was really tired. Packed 20 boxes of books yesterday, and helped restack the garage contents to provide space for the house-sitter to park in. 

Just checked the weather for next week for all our port visits, and see no sign of tropical storm "damn cruise" coming, although there have been hints on the Gulf Coast Tropical Outlook Facebook feed that I've been following for several years. Maybe that's one thing off the list of crap to worry about. It'd be nice, for sure.

Fasting breakfast - just not interested right now. I have eaten some almonds. Probably will have more.

I do hope things calm down soon. I also think they're not bloody likely to.

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