Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Life is definitely a bit of a slog right now. I spent last evening getting pet-sitting instructions updated and clarified, including putting our entire schedule into a table indicating the times and dates it would be easiest to call my cellphone in case something should happen to the dogs. Then I created invitations for a party I'd rather not be throwing, and packed more books. Went to bed around 8:30 and was out cold by 9:00, I think. With the radio on. Without having pushed the sleep timer. So it ran all night. I was sporadically aware of it, but not so much as to wake up and turn it off or anything. I'm a bit tired. Discouraged mostly. The dogs are disturbed because life has gotten all weird. I am totally with them on that. I just want normal back.

158.6 this morning. Here's as much of yesterday as I can piece together:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon jello water
  • no supplements
  • a piece of cheese
  • almonds - probably about 20
  • M&Ms - a vending bag
  • Lay's potato chips - ditto
  • more cheese - a piece or two
  • salami - probably about 8-10 slices
  • a bag of Nacho Cheese doritos - smaller than the potato chips
  • a bunch of chocolate coconut almonds
That was it. Solid Trace ketones at bedtime, trending upward. No idea why, though. That was neither a low-carb nor a low-calorie day, really. Same start to today. I brought some of the trail mix into the office today, hoping to forestall another trip to the vending machine.

Tonight? A bit of laundry, taking out the trash, delivering the invitations to the party I don't want to throw, more packing of books, and maybe some objets d'art (or de kitsch, thinking what we have sitting around the house to be packed). Another night's un-restful sleep, no doubt.

More ugh.

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