Monday, June 29, 2015


Bad weekend. 4 trips to restaurants, all involving Mexican food. My mother, with whom we are staying right now, does not cook Paleo or Low-Carb. Lots of stress. 158.2 this morning, and not at all surprised. Which confirms my folks' scale is correct - I guess that's a good thing.

I told Lee this morning that my number one criterion for a house as of today is that it is empty, preferably offering the option to rent it until the mortgage closes. My parents have no air conditioning in their house, and all bedrooms are on the second floor. House is constructed of bricks with a tile roof, both less than light colors, and it was a hot weekend. They've put a standalone a/c thingie in our room, which helps, but which is loud as all get out - worse than most cheap motel a/c units. Lee tried using a window-fan to draw cool air in, and that helped on Saturday night (I woke up cold at 4:30 am), but not last night at all. And I seem to be resuming a cycle of hot flashes. Because life isn't nearly annoying enough.

Suffice it to say that eating was crap all weekend. I think I'm going to try to redeem myself by fasting lunches during the week; can't think what else to do, honestly.

Realized yesterday that I screwed up my flight down for househunting this coming weekend - set it for Thursday instead of Friday. So I have to take a day of vacation or pay $400 extra to change it. Guess which option I went with? Maybe it will be better going early - farther away from the holiday, since the creeps of ISIS are threatening mayhem on the 4th.

We are entirely out of the house. Friday and Saturday were fairly brutal, but the truck is full and presumably headed south, and we have a minor trailer-load in my parents' basement. I really am grateful that they have room for us and offered it up; being grateful is just a bit of an effort until I can get some sleep.

So. 3-day workweek this week, unexpectedly. Lee will leave for Texas tomorrow, driving (I really hope not in my car, but I'm betting he'll want it).

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