Thursday, June 4, 2015


There will be no Friday. Not because the world's ending or anything like that, but we are leaving for the airport around 4 am, and that's not very conducive to blogging.

Better day yesterday. Pretty much ignored the prospect of moving and spent the day focusing on cruise prep. Which will be done tonight, one way or another. But the house is basically ready for the house sitter, I have a boarding group for the flight, and a bit of laundry to shift tonight before declaring victory. 

Last night I got a couple more boxes packed, and fell asleep quickly, shortly after 9. Woke up (for the day, unfortunately) at 3:15 when the dog started vomiting. After his second bout, I put the two throw rugs on to wash and read for a while. Some days, there's no point in trying to resist.

158.8 around 4 am. My ankles and feet are a bit swollen even this morning, so it's no doubt water. I do hope this cruise won't be like the last big family voyage, when I developed a gruesome case of cankles and had to have lymph drainage to get rid of them. Some of that was hormonal, I know, and we've had one or two cankle-free cruises since then.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon jello water
  • no supplements
  • cheese
  • 2 packages of Kirklands trail mix
  • chips and salsa
  • 1/2 of a Ritter Sport milk-chocolate-and-hazelnut bar
  • more tea with cream (with magnesium and potassium)
That was it. Short list, but certainly not low-carb. Although the trail mix isn't that bad - 12 g per bag. Low Trace ketones at bedtime, too. This is the "try not to mess up too badly" period of life - I could be wrong, but I'm sort of thinking it might be easier to eat low carb on a cruise. Unless I do fries. Need to avoid fries.

Today is a similar eating pattern, though I'll try to avoid the chips tonight. Sleeping at my sister's house on a futon - at least, I hope I sleep. And getting up in time to leave at 4 am. Dinner with friends in Florida tomorrow night, and the cruise starts Saturday. With my stress levels below threshold, it's not seeming like "That Damn Cruise(tm)" at the moment - and that seems like a good thing.

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