Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, let's start with my current weight. 163.0, said the scale. Water, say I, since my toes look like tiny sausages stuck on an overinflated balloon.  All week, my feet and ankles - both of them - were swollen. Also, I just feel vaguely bloated. And I caught a cold. I also may have broken both little toes. It was a lovely trip (not). 

I ate pretty well on the ship (albeit 3 meals/day), less so on land after we docked. Fries and chips, mostly, the last 2 days. By then, I had a sore throat, and carbs/salt seemed to be the only thing that helped.

In general, the time onboard ship was okay. I like going to sea, but I think I'm kind of "over" the whole cruise-ship-vacation thing. Especially on that particular cruise line - they do what they do quite well, but I don't like what they do (i.e., pushing everyone to spend-spend-spend either in port or in their stupid onboard shops or via drink specials or bingo or gambling). The ports were interesting, because we hadn't been to any of them before. I found St. Thomas was my favorite, although I liked San Juan pretty well, too. Maybe because they're both US-affiliated - feel a bit more like home.

Got a TON of exercise in. I maintained a 10-day streak on my FuelBand. Even got it to register over 10,000 steps one day. Which was kind of crazy - it's never done that. My feet are quite sure that I did it, though. As were everyone else's wearable trackers - it became obvious during the week that FuelBand isn't very good at step tracking. Our cabins were so scattered around that a trip to see everyone nearly got me to goal every day. Also, we climbed a ton of stairs - only made maybe 4-5 elevator trips all told.

And I was exhausted and in pain a lot. I wish I weren't. But wishes aren't workouts, for sure, and I've done few of those of late.

Anyway, I think I'll let things settle for a few days before taking stock and deciding if I gained weight on the cruise or not. Or if I gained any muscle. And I'll be working a lot this week, packing, which may also add points - don't know if I'll sustain the streak or not, though.

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