Monday, June 22, 2015


I feel like I got a night of serious sleep last night - and like it wasn't anywhere near enough. I used Benadryl, so I think it's a Benadryl hangover at the moment, but I'm just limp. Achy and tired from head to toe. I cannot focus my eyes, which is making it a touch difficult to write this, just saying.

158.8 this morning; was 157.6 yesterday but went on a potato chip bender in the afternoon that turned out to be dinner. Here's the day as I can recall it:
  • tea with cream
  • bacon
  • prime rib
  • green beans
  • a bit of quiche with no crust
  • caesar salad, no croutons
  • a few sausage links
  • the aforementioned potato chips
  • a slice of cheese (like for a sandwich)
  • more tea with cream
We went to brunch for Father's Day, since I'd had no mental wherewithal last week to even begin considering gifts. So that's where the real food items on the list came from. Other than brunch, we spent the day packing - and made good progress. I begin to see a faint light ahead. Which is a good thing, since the trailer thingie arrives on Thursday. Closing Friday, and we should be out of the house completely very shortly thereafter. 

I'm actually getting a little excited about this move. That's a really good thing, and kind of unexpected with the Houston destination, since it's not a place I ever thought I'd live, or want to. I have a flight down there on July 3rd (5:45 am, to boot), and our goal is to have something under contract by the time I fly back on Sunday.

We had a "hail and farewell" party on Saturday with all our near neighbors and the buyers, so that they could meet. I think it went well - and we actually ended up talking about Paleo; one of the neighborhood kids is interested in it.

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