Thursday, June 18, 2015


Apparently, losing about 3 pounds of water in 3 days on top of having a cold and taking sudafed and guaifenisin to keep from mucusing up, causes problems with one's electrolyte balance. I spent a good portion of last night dealing with horrible leg cramps - simultaneous shin and calf cramps in my left leg. As well, the dog was in and out several times - she was way out of blood sugar control, as I figured out this morning - so it wasn't a good night's sleep. She's at the vets now, and I'm working from home, having driven 78 miles to get my computer to do so. 

I want to scream and hit someone. It just feels as if the crazy will never end. And, until late tonight, it's just me dealing with it. I'm generally pretty good at coping with things, but I've hit my threshold, for sure, this time. I should have realized yesterday that we had a problem with the dog's glucose, and I was just so slammed by being sick and alone that I missed it. And if I dwell on the should-have aspect of it, that will just add more to the pile of crap I'm pushing up hill.

Okay, enough whining. I feel more normal this morning, cold-wise. 159.0 on the scale today as well, so that's 4 pounds total since I got home. All water. Trust me on this. And my ankles are still mildly puffy.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • lemon jello water
  • 4 pieces of low-carb-crust pizza
  • 2 pieces of cheddar
  • about 3/4 pound of grapes
  • the remains of a bag of tortilla chips
  • a tablespoon of honey (for coughing)
That was it. I've already started today out poorly - a bag of trail mix on the drive back from getting my laptop. Will have to work on improving it. Probably more cheese and fruit today. Something with ground beef for dinner - to eat something out of the freezer. I should probably go eat something and take some more sudafed and guaifenisin, to continue getting cleared up from this cold.

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