Wednesday, May 6, 2015


On weeks that have days off, doing this (correctly, mind you) helps me keep track of what day it is. Had to think about it this morning, but I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday.

So. Trace->Small ketones last night - pinker than Trace, but not as pink as Small. Another good night's sleep, and I didn't take Melatonin. And a little bit down in weight this morning - 158.0. So things seem to be working well.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • turkey sausage
  • 18 total almonds (10 first, then 2 bunches of 4 later in the day because I was legitimately hungry)
  • "chili" made with ground beef, pork-and-beans, and V8 (a family recipe)
  • dark chocolate with almonds - 1 small piece (Hershey's nugget)
  • dark chocolate with hazelnuts - about twice the size of the almonds one - part of a Ritter Sport bar
  • more tea with cream
Spent the evening making jewelry with my sister's help - necklaces for gifts from the Mardi Gras king next year. They are done. And that occupied the time from dinner until 8 pm; after that we watched a bit of TV and crashed. It's been raining here, so no real way to get outside for exercise - and honestly, I'm not much in the mood to do any right now. It seems like a bad thing that I'm not into it, but I am feeling a bit fidgety and needing to be busy, so I'd guess that I'm properly fueled right now. I'll be painting baseboards and trim tonight, I believe. Plenty of that to be done.

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