Thursday, May 7, 2015


I have messed up my right shoulder again, and the stretches haven't helped yet. I hope it's yet, anyway, and not that the stretches are not working. Knots all over it, though - subscap, delts, traps, probably erectors as well. I'd guess it's from the driving over the weekend - there was a lot of it. That, or working at this desk, which is set up so that I sit in a corner - it's not terribly ergonomic.

Anyway, that didn't help with the sleep overnight, although I got to sleep fairly easily, sans Melatonin, and woke up once just long enough to turn the radio back on for another bout of snooze alarm. The dogs got us up at 4 to go outside - they did, we didn't - and that was it for the night. So less than 8 hours, but not a lot less. I'm a bit sleepy this morning, and achy.

All that aside, I weighed 157.2 this morning. A nice surprise. I think this approach, the return to the basics, seems to be working. And I will keep it up, resisting the urge to celebrate with food. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements (still no lemons yesterday)
  • scrambled eggs
  • turkey sausage
  • almonds - between 10 and 20, I think - again, I got hungry in the afternoon
  • a pork chop braised in stewed tomatoes
  • green beans
  • peanuts - I ate them from the can, and because I was hungry, so I don't know how many, but not a huge amount
  • 8 dark chocolate coconut almonds - supposedly 1/3 cup has 11 grams of carbs in them, and I don't think this was 1/3 cup
  • more tea with cream
A little snacky last night - we were both mentally tired and down and just did the couch-and-TV thing after dinner. I'm hopeful that the "are we going to move?" thing will be resolved today - if it is resolved, the answer will be "yes". That will be one less thing to fret about. And it should make Lee happier, I think.

Trace ketones last night - barely. Maybe I'm using them all, maybe it was the beans, peanuts, and chocolate. I'm wondering if the key to this approach to weight loss is to start out fairly high fat to trigger ketone enzymes, and then drop to more of a high protein, low carb, moderate fat breakdown to force the ketones to pull fat from reserves instead of meals. That would make some sense to me.

We have lemons again - and I had the "hot lemon jello" or whatever it is, again this morning. I think it was helping with the aches and pains - may have been key to my feeling so much stronger while on the east coast over the weekend. And I would be quite happy if it helped my fingernails a bit - they've got dried out and tend to flake more than in a long while. That's a side-effect of aging, per the Internet anyway. Still don't like it.

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