Friday, May 15, 2015


The sleep I got was continuous; I guess that's something. Problem is, it started after midnight and ended well before 7:00. Work. I'm slammed this morning - can't think, can barely move. I just took a handful of D3, hoping to fend off any illnesses that might obtain from the lack of sleep, the stress, and the fact that colds are flying around the office. I don't have time for that sort of thing just now, and I sure don't want it on the cruise, when I will have time, but not the inclination.

159.6 today, due to an attack of the munchies last night - I needed to eat crunchy things, repetitively. No idea why that in particular, but it meant chips and cashews and trail mix after a perfectly adequate dinner of steak and grilled shrimp. Oh, and M&Ms at work yesterday. Just a mess all around.

I don't think I'll list everything; I'm too tired. Hoping today will be better - at least I have a massage tonight, at 6:30. Badly needed.

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