Monday, May 11, 2015


Ugh. I totally fucked it up over the weekend. Friday, I got all snacky and couldn't stop eating. Saturday, I went on an unlimited cashew-bender (thinking all the while that I wasn't really liking the taste), and yesterday, I ate well enough, but had 3 meals, potato chips and a baked potato, and dessert and wine with dinner.

159.8 this morning. 2.6 stupid pounds put on in 3 days. 2 pounds since yesterday. 

Anyway, back to it this morning. Started out with gelatin and a good breakfast, and will be having 10 almonds shortly. It was working. It IS working - I just need to get a grip on the stress.

Sleep was good Saturday and Sunday nights. That's something, right? Friday, not so great - I had a 2-hour period of being frustratingly alert, starting around 1:40. Still, I'm doing all of this with no drugs, not even melatonin of late. That's worth something.

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