Thursday, May 21, 2015



Sleep's on the wane right now - not at all nice. 1:30 (I think) found me stretching a foot the wrong way, muttering silently, "no, no, NO!!!" as my calf cramped up, and flying out of bed to stomp it out. And then being awake until after 3 some time, with pretty choppy sleep after that. It didn't help that I'd gone to sleep all stressed out about care for our dogs while on "that damn cruise" (TM), and when I woke up with the cramp - left leg again, by the way - my mind started having a very bad attack of "what if"s. 

I should be tireder. I should be failing to lose weight. Instead, I'm in a relatively alert state, and saw 157.6 this morning.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • no supplements in the morning
  • a RedBull zero
  • almonds (lots and often - probably 40 all told)
  • a bag of Kirkland trail mix
  • salad with blue cheese dressing and additional blue cheese crumbles
  • chicken tortilla soup (I didn't see any tortillas, though)
  • a "gluten friendly" muffin (that's how they labeled it) with butter - it was a mini-muffin, and very good
  • soft-serve vanilla with sprinkles
  • a single dark chocolate with almonds
  • lemon-jellow water stuff
  • more tea with cream
House showing yesterday was mid-afternoon, as is the known showing for today. I'm anticipating that the weekend may see us banished from our home, more-or-less. Spent the evening packing crystal, on the theory that if it breaks in transit, I'll be very angry, and it would be better to be angry at myself than at Lee.

Today includes a visit to the dog eye doctor, dinner out somewhere, my niece's high school graduation, and the first chance to change out of my work clothes at bedtime. I have a comfortable dress on, but it's nowhere near as comfortable as sweats.

The more I think about it, the more "relative" my state of alertness is. I really hope I can sleep tonight. Maybe artificial aid. Then working from home tomorrow, possibly on the front patio if it's not pouring, to permit more house showings (not yet scheduled, though). And then a 3-day weekend. With the Bolder Boulder on Monday if the weather is dry; I will not do it if it's wet.

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