Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Curiouser and Curiouser.

I know I'm under a ton of stress (possibly literally) just now. Just look at the sleep I didn't have on Sunday night, for example. I'm trying to eat okay, but have been eating fries - and worse, Nacho Cheese Doritos - and peanuts this past weekend. And I'm stiff and sore and swollen from gardening yesterday.

So why am I down in weight from Friday? Why? (this is not a complaint, mind you).
156.8 this morning. 156.6 yesterday. (guess that 0.2 pounds is all the water contributing to my being stiff this morning. or something).

I have observed in the past that my body sometimes just does or does not want to lose weight. Guessing this is one of the former. Fine by me. I'll ride it on down to wherever it's going.

Weird weekend. We got an offer - full price - on the house on Friday, and after we insisted the buyers protect it with a contingency on the sale of their house, had a signed contract by breakfast Saturday. They came to look at it again, bringing friends, once Saturday and once yesterday. I'm cool with that, and they're quite grateful for us letting them, and if they need to again, we'll certainly accommodate it - glad they're super-enthusiastic - but I'm kind of hoping we're done with the tours for a while.

Anyway, we can get our stuff out of hiding for a while - until it gets packed for real. And today I get to break the news at work - and see if they'll let me do the remote thing for a while, anyway. They may not, and if that's the case, I'm okay with it (heaven knows, this isn't the perfect job), but if they will, it will make the transition a bit smoother.

Do we know where we're going yet? Why, no we don't, as a matter of fact. I would like to have the decision in place by now, honestly, but am hoping it will be done by Friday.

Maybe it's obvious by now, but I have no blinking idea exactly what I ate yesterday or any of the remainder of the weekend. I think yesterday was snacks and dinner.

Oh, and I didn't do the race yesterday. Woke up at 1:30 am for the day, and by 3:00, knew that I could start a 10 K but not finish it, and didn't see a practical way to make that work. Stress. Definitely. So it seems that my last Bolder Boulder was the last one Elizabeth and I did together, last year. Probably a better memory than doing it on my own, feebly, as yesterday would have been.

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