Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Let's see. Yesterday was stressful, due to outside news and what-have-you - interesting that it didn't affect me much, but I was distracted by it - I ate dinner out, and slept like a rock and lost a bit over a pound. Glad to see we're not all hidebound about following patterns around here. 153.2 this morning. 

Nutrition breakdown yesterday was 69.7% fat, 10.3% carbs, and 20% protein, with carbs just shy of the "magic" 50 grams. I was between Trace and Small ketosis at bedtime. We did not exercise. Both of us got cold when out and about running errands, although the weather has been not that cold (it was probably in the mid-30s), and never warmed up until bedtime. Just noting it - no idea if it's useful information or not - but it may have contributed to my good night's sleep - being cold is usually helpful for my sleep patterns.

Eggs and bacon for breakfast today, macadamias if I get hungry, and I think a big-ass salad for dinner. I don't know if we will hit the gym or not - guessing not, though. And then 5 days off for Thanksgiving and the weekend, which should be very nice.

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