Thursday, November 13, 2014


A day at home leads to more snacking. Seems like I can't avoid it, really, and I ended up at 66% fat, 11% carbs, and 23% protein, with the carbs being over 50g and protein over 100g. That said, I was solidly at Trace ketosis at bedtime, and lost a pound (no doubt, of water) overnight - 153.6 this morning. So that's good.

No real exercise this week; I can't ask Lee to go out in that weather, since cold causes him a lot of pain. I am hoping to get to the gym this weekend, at a minimum.

Stress - I think some of my ideas are working. In addition to just listening to classical music on the radio, I repurposed one of the family iPhone 3s that is just sitting around the house, turned it into a car-only iPod, and loaded it up with my classical and sacred (and Christmas) music, so I can run my own "station". This morning, my drive to work was all Purcell - very soothing, and I feel quite calm and serene. It's all good, and I will keep working to find opportunities to inject stress-relief into my days. I don't know that working at home yesterday hurt any either - me and the fireplace and a jazz playlist and pots and pots of tea. A good way to spend a day, even if there was work to be done.

Sleep yesterday was pretty good. I'm falling asleep quickly, and don't recall awakening before 5:15 last night. Don't feel quite rested, though, so I may not have slept all that deeply. I guess one of these days I should run that sleep quality app again, see what's going on.

More eggs and bacon this morning, string cheese and macadamia nuts with me, and no idea what's for dinner. Possibly Chinese, which means leaving the house for a bit, I guess. And I could have a mildly late night, since we have a deployment at work.

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