Friday, November 14, 2014


And, 153.4. Good trend this week, although truly, it's just getting me back where I was before the sugar binge a couple of weeks ago. I will work hard to keep the momentum going.

Sleep and stress was good yesterday, until after dinner. A bit of evening work that had everything out of our direct control that could go wrong, do so. I got to bed just before 11 and slept reasonably well, but I'm beat this morning. Tired and achy and stupid. Hope I make it through the workday - and grateful that no driving is involved.

Trace ketones at bedtime - but solid Trace. Still shooting for Small as my steady state, and I think I'll get there.

Eating yesterday was pretty normal until evening - breakfast, cheese and macadamias, low-carb pizza for dinner - and I kept snacking in the evening to some cheese crisps (all cheese), and the last fun-size halloween candybar I am willing to eat - a Milky Way. 12 g of carbs in something the size of my thumb - sheesh!

Still no exercise. Will try again tonight.

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