Monday, November 3, 2014


Another week, another suck. 155.4 this morning, after a weekend of stress and sugar. I actually bought candy corn - and have been eating it. I made gluten-free red-velvet cupcakes for Biz' family birthday celebration last night, and ate 2 of them. I ate chips like a crazy person on Saturday night, for the salt, I think. I had a hard cider.

So much for the sugar - and those cupcakes weren't lacking in it, for sure! - the stress was all about crowds. We spent much of Saturday running errands at the mall (crowds), and ended up at my niece's State Gymnastics meet (more crowds - they won as a team and she came in 4th on Floor, so it was all good, but still - crowds). Yesterday, more errands, back to the mall, and a family dinner which started at 2 pm on the dot and ended around 7 pm, I think. I spent the afternoon sitting on "hostess seats" - i.e., having given all the actual furniture to the guests, I ended up on a footstool or dining room chair - and my back was killing me. That, and sitting through a football game with my father and brother-in-law, both of whom are far too into the team for my comfort anymore, kept me going out to check on the progress of dinner. And bringing in alcohol, and going out into the garage to take a deep breath.

These gatherings have not bugged me as much in the past. I know I'm way too near my screaming meemies threshold these days, and yesterday made that all too obvious. I think I was asleep last night before 9 pm (oh, and the time change. Not the most wonderful time of the year for me).

So we're starting over today. Again. And again next week, if necessary. The walking is helping, but now it's dark at night, so I don't know when we can do it. It was helping with the stress, and adding muscle to boot. I hope we can figure out a way to keep it up, but it won't be happening the first half of this week - maybe Thursday or Friday or Saturday or Sunday in Phoenix.

I don't foresee the stress reducing this week, with getting used to the time change, trying to get the dog stable again (her blood sugar has been skyrocketing), and the travel and wedding. My best bet at the moment, I think, is probably just to focus on eating clean.

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