Friday, November 21, 2014


First, get the routine stuff out of the way. 155.2 this morning, Small-Moderate ketosis at bedtime last night, sleep went well, but only with the aid of Benadryl (although I was falling asleep on the couch by 7:45, I think). I haven't fully tracked eating yet, but imagine it was in the high 60s for fat % at a minimum.

So here's the non-routine stuff. We went to the gym last night, and I walked 2 miles using one of my racewalk training playlists, coming in somewhere around 13:30/mile. Felt pretty good, certainly it wasn't any sort of cardio workout for me. We got done with that, and were going out to dinner, and were on the final stretch of that drive, when I got all sorts of dizzy - the drive was making me completely unable to focus on one point or anything or position myself in space. Once we got parked, I sat still for a moment, tried to get out of the car, and couldn't, so we ended up going home. By that time, driving wasn't bugging me, and I was able to get out and make it into the house. I sat down for a while, and by the time Lee had gone to the Chinese place for food and back, I was pretty much over whatever it was, and I felt fine by the time I went to bed (at 8) and am fine now.

During the episode, I started a headache, which dwindled, and had tinnitus in both ears (I have sporadic tinnitus in my right ear, but not my left), and my left ear felt stuffed up. That's all gone now, I think. I ate some candy when we got home, and dinner helped a lot - I realized that I was really hungry after I started eating.

I don't know what this was. Factors to consider include: fasted workout, trying to get back into ketosis after a period of slacking, extra magnesium taken this week for mild constipation, and some really bad sleep issues. I checked for signs of things like strokes, but there weren't any - I just got horribly lightheaded and then it stopped. Low blood-pressure? Maybe. Low blood-sugar? Maybe. Exhaustion? Probably, but in combination with something else. And maybe some sort of electrolyte balance, although my pulse seemed steady enough at the time. I'll keep an eye out, and will make sure to have a piece of cheese before working out from now on. If it happens again, at least I have this record of it so I can compare possible causes with then. I hope it doesn't, though. That was rather nasty. Lots of empathy with Elizabeth, who has this sort of thing happen somewhat routinely.

Maybe another hint that this just isn't a time to do anything more ambitious than to maintain my weight.

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