Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I thought last week was going to be perishingly long, but no, this week is. I thought yesterday was Wednesday at first, and now today should be oh, maybe Friday - that would be nice.

I slept last night, but am still sleepy and feeling foggy and weak. Low Carb flu? Maybe - I don't know if I had fallen that far off the wagon in October, but it could be. And I did sleep last night - hard enough to dream vividly enough to wake me up at 4:30. Now, if I can just get a night's sleep that is restful, I'd be golden. 

155.6 this morning - and I truly thought it would have gone down overnight. On the other hand, why should I? See yesterday afternoon's entry, which shows that I have nothing in my bag of tricks that would affect my weight in any way whatsoever. Not on a daily basis, anyway. I may try some regressions against weeks or something - but doubt it will change.

Yesterday's eating came in at 78.7% fat, 7.9% carbs, and 13.4% protein. The carbs were at 35 g, so there is room to drop there, and maybe that's what I'll have to do. I was at solid Small ketosis last night, though, for the first time since getting strict again about watching, and my calves are fasciculating this morning, although they did not cramp last night. Thank Goodness for that; it would have been adding insult to injury.

Probably walking at the gym tonight. Maybe a few weights. Broccoli cheese soup and macadamias while at work, a fairly standard breakfast and who knows what for dinner. We did manage brats last night.

Oh, for a nap right now...

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