Monday, November 24, 2014


Kind of an up-and-down weekend. I lost a pound and a half, and gained part of it back, I slept rotten Saturday night, but great last night without sleep aids of any sort. Worked out Saturday along with doing all sorts of stuff around the house (pain was one of the reasons I slept badly), was kind of a veg yesterday, although I polished silver, cleaned a bathroom, and ironed napkins. And nearly napped in front of the fireplace all afternoon.

154.4 this morning, after a low on Saturday morning of 153.6. I didn't eat terribly well all weekend - for ketosis, anyway. More carbs than usual, but not a lot of sugar - lots of corn, actually, with tortilla chips both days.

We did get in a 2-mile walk at the gym on Saturday, and I made sure to slow down toward the end - no residual dizziness, I'm happy to say. After that, we cleaned gutters (Lee) and windows (my work), and I scrubbed the paw prints out of the back seat of my car. And, as a result, my feet and ankles were very achy from 2 through 5 am on Saturday. I really need to learn to get out of bed and get aspirin when that happens; once I did, I was finally able to sleep a little.

So, Thanksgiving week. We have a monstrous turkey, and gluten-free cornbread for stuffing, and a gluten-free crust for pumpkin pies. And a road race Thursday morning that should allow me to carb up in the afternoon okay. I think the plan for the week needs to be sensible going into the day, a "treat" day with limits on the day itself, and keeping the leftover noshing to the non-carby elements. Get in a couple of gym trips prior to Thursday, and maybe one or two after - just a lot slower - because we also have a race a week later, on the 6th.

I think that's it. I really wish we could have got in an outdoor walk this weekend, but it's just been too cold for Lee. I guess the time outside working on the gutters and windows will have to do.

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